5 Health Tips for Alternative Fitness Training

by Gretchen Naas .


walkingIn life, we are always on the run. However, it is not the track laps kind of running, but running to beat time in everyday work expectations and chasing after issues of life.

It has become a simple thing to give or create time for work meetings and to go to the kidís school events and more. The sad thing is finding even a half an hour to go to the gym or yoga class is so hard to do because you have no time for such a thing.

You are up and down, waking up early, sleeping late, and working round the clock. You even at times skip meals, and all these things are just taking away every minute of your precious time. How will you stay healthy under such conditions?

Here are some on-the-g health tips worth considers as you go about your paces in the marathon that is your every-day life schedule.

I. Slow Down and Just Walk
You might think less of it, but when life as you up and running, take some time and slow things down. Plan ahead. Go for a walk with your family or friends, doing around 10 -20 minutes of walking around the neighborhood. This can be after you get home from work or once the kids are in bed. Few people undermine the effectiveness of walking. However, Mayo Clinic says that a going for a walk is a simple physical exercise that has a positive health impact. It can lower the chances of getting heart diseases and diabetes and regulate weight gain. Walking can also give you mental, physical, and emotional reprieve from various forms of stress giving your piece of mind, body, and soul.

II. Yoga On-The-Go
Some people think that yoga is only reserved for a special breed of people, a class of people that have time on their hands and mats placed on their shoulders. However, the notion that yoga is a thing that can be effective only when done in the studio is wrong. Yoga can be done anywhere at any time. All you need is space and the right guide. People can have top-notch yoga guides in their hands in the form of apps with ease, and some are even free. You can never miss few minute in your busy schedule to take some time to relax. Such minutes are the perfect time to get some yoga exercises going. It can be just after sending the kids off to school, when you just about to jump in bed, or when waiting for your turn to shower. You can use the apps any time, just pop out your phone and run a yoga app and get your body in a healthy state.

III. Meditate In Real Life
Rea life meditation is nothing like the eyes-closed meditation. Yes, meditation was once something whose impact is fully felt when done in the privacy of a room, alone. However, all these has changed as more and more people discover the benefits of mindfulness. Meditation can be done anywhere. It can be by breathing deeply when driving to work, taking time to listen to your child as they tell you about their day, or focusing on what you are cooking and how it tastes. Meditating daily is a good way of strengthening your heart and mind thus improving your health.

IV. Do Some Stretching
Your muscles need to be in the right condition every day. Keeping them strong is one thing, and ensuring they are also nimble is another. Stretching is an exercise viewed as a way of keeping the muscle limber. However, if done well, stretching exercises can also be a complete work out on their own. If you strive to keep your muscle nimble, then your body will stay in perfect form and will easily adjust once you hit the gym. Just like when meditating, you can also do stretches anywhere, anytime. You can stretch when watching the TV with the kids, when waiting in line at the coffee shop, or when sited, or in the bus stop.

V. Appreciate Your Efforts
While reflecting on the negative things helps you know what wrongs to avoid, it is always good to focus on the positive things. Opt to focus on the good things and the achievements you had in the year. Instead of looking at what you fail to do, reflect on the people you help or what you did for your family. Never think that you can please everyone, but then again never shy away from trying. Never stress about what you never did, remember you cannot do all things all the time. That said, stressing over the exercises you never managed to do is a big no, no. just strive to be kind to yourself and be happy that you are doing the best you can.