Crazy New Study: Cold Weather Makes Colds Spread

by Gretchen Naas .


sneezeHas your mother told you not to go out when it’s cold so that you won’t get a cold? Did you laugh and call it an old wives’ tale? Perhaps you should reconsider. A Yale University study shows that there is indeed a link with the replication of the cold germs in colder weather. If you have ever had the sniffles when snow is on the ground, you’re not making it up.

It’s not the possibility of catching a cold because you’re out in the cold, but rather being chilled can assist the rhino virus in replicating in the lab therefore it only stands to reason that you can catch a cold easier in the colder weather. When it’s colder out, your immune system changes and it’s easier for a virus to take over.

Scary Isn’t It?

While this isn’t actually new information, many people have failed to recognize it as accurate. Rhino virus loves colder temperatures. An older study reveals that the virus will actually multiply faster when it is colder than your body temperature.

We now know that it’s not a myth at all, your mom and your grandma were right. So what does this mean for you? We’ll, there are still ongoing studies but it is wise to begin with good hand washing practices to help you avoid germs. Cough into your sleeve and use hand sanitizer after every sneeze. After all, you are still being exposed to these germs no matter where you are. If you’re feeling depressed, you will also have more chances of catching a cold.

It doesn’t stop there, even more viruses replicate in hotter climates so you’re still not out of the cold so to speak.

Common cold not looking so bad now is it?

Have plenty of chick noodle soup on hand and some good movies in case you do get sick. Keep your nose and body warm. Remember to wash your hands often and you’ll make it through somehow or another.

Now that you know this are you going to listen to your mother?