How To Relax And Still Have A Healthy Weekend

relaxing-musicIf you are trying to live a healthy lifestyle, then you may have noticed that on the weekends, you have a more difficult time maintaining this choice. Weekends are generally looked at as a time to escape from the trappings of weekly duties and expectations. We want to relax and so it is with our lifestyle choices as well.

It is important that we do not allow the desire to relax and escape weekday responsibilities, to sabotage our efforts to reach our fitness and health achievement goals.

It has been found in health related studies that many eat more calories during the weekend then they do other days. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, some research indicates that we may eat as much as one hundred to one hundred fifty calories more a day than we do on other days.

While this may not seem to be an amount to be concerned about, it is. If you understand that about 3500 calories equals a pound, then eating those extra calories on the weekends could pack on as much as 4 or 5 pounds a year. That is 20 or 25 pounds in just 5 years time.

Many like to tell themselves that they do not need to worry about the extra calories because they think they will exercise a little more the next day. But often the only thing that happens the next day is excuses and more calories.

The key is to re-think about our choices. For example, if you go to church on Sunday mornings, but do not want to wake early to exercise, reconsider this feeling. If you exercise on the weekdays by getting up early, then why not do so on the weekend as well?

If you are one who does not like to get up early in the morning, but find that you skip your exercising in the evening because you want to watch your favorite tv program, consider recording it with a digital recorder. That way you can watch those programs at a timing that is better suited for you and allow you to do your exercising first.

Some men complain that their wife may ask them to help with house work, fixing or painting or even working in the garden. Many of these activities have enough intensity that they are equal to exercise. So help your wife and feel good knowing you have gotten in your days exercise.

Making small changes can make big differences. If you are watching the kids play sports, then stand up while you watch instead of sitting down. If because it is the weekend and you want to play instead of work, and for this reason you just donít feel inspired to exercise, remember that some is better than none. So even if you do not go full out, it is better to at least do something.

In time, exercise will be something you look forward too. Just keep it up. As well, for good health, do not forget to drink enough water and make good choices at the table. Do not take your attention away from your goal to be healthy.

It is ok to take it easy on the weekends, but remember to continue to make healthy choices, even on more relaxed weekends.

New Study Proves Obese And Healthy Is A Myth

o-OBESE-AND-HEALTHY-facebookPeople have frequently wondered whether or not it is possible to truly be obese and healthy at the same time. Supposedly, there have been studies that show an overweight person who exercises regularly is, in reality, in much better shape than a very thin person who has never seen what the inside of a gym looks like. While this is historically been the case, a new study is now saying that the long term effects of obesity may cancel out this effect.

Researchers in Britain have kept track of more 2500 menís and womenís body mass indexes for the last 20 years. While doing this, they have monitored things such as cholesterol levels, fasting glucose levels, insulin resistance levels, and blood pressures. What they discovered may actually shock you.

In short, these researchers found that being overweight, even while exercising, is certainly not an attainable reality for the majority of people. Even subjects who were simply obese when the study began, but otherwise in perfect health, were more likely to have heart related diseases as time progressed.

What does this mean for you? This means that even having ìhealthy obesityî will put you at higher risks for heart disease due to the odds being against
you when it comes to weight management down the road.

The researchers discovered that from all of the test subjects who started the study with a body mass index of 30 or greater (this is considered to be clinically obese), over 51% of these subjects were considered to be unhealthy after just 20 years.

As Iím sure youíre aware, 20 years is far from a lifetime. The problem is that obesity can literally effect every organ in your body. This means that no matter how healthy you are now, the complications of obesity can cause detrimental effects to your overall health for years down the road.

Regardless of which way you look at it, the evidence seems to clearly point out that no matter how healthy you are now, by carrying extra weight, you are far from being as healthy as possible. Eventually, you may have some serious health issues due to those extra pounds.

Secret Benefits Of Massage

wellness_massages_01-1Yesterday I got a professional massage. it was the first one I had ever had. I chose a Swedish massage. It was unbelievable how relaxed I felt. All of the stress and chaos melted away right there on that table. Sound melted into a shadowy haze and my muscles were re awakened. I didn’t even want to speak.

In short, I liked it.

While it’s true that we’re learning, stress can cause all sorts of issues. It can store fat where you least desire it, on your belly. Nothing fights stress more than a massage. It is perhaps the single and most enjoyable way to reduce weight.

If you are thinking this sounds too good to be true, read why it works.

Heavy Anxiety – High Anxiety
Stress and tension can be a direct cause of weight gain. Cortisol is a hormone that is produced by stress. It can cause a lot of damage to your tissues and your nerves when it is stored up. It can also signal your body to produce insulin. Extra insulin may sound harmless, but that causes your abdomen to store up fat and the more that is stored, the larger you get.

In order to combat this, you’ll need to burn it off via exercise (which is still the best way to lower cortisol levels and stress), or you’ll need to stop it before it’s produced by learning to relax. A massage is perfect for this.

Junk Food Is Not Accidental

Storing more fat isn’t just because of the insulin production, it’s also going to cause you to to crave more high carbs, snacks and sugar. Perhaps this is a traumatic way to word it, but your body is stressed and the trauma of stress can cause it to store up this fat. It’s a natural biological reaction to the stress.

You’ll have a double whammy. Stress will encourage your body to store fat. It will make you want to eat more and those foods will turn to fat. A massage helps to relax you and prevent these binges.

Tender Loving Care For Your Muscles

Think of it as TLC for those tired achy muscles. It can help to reduce your cravings by stimulating blood flow and boosting your metabolism. You’ll feel your body relax and your temperature will rise during your massage. We all need a higher metabolism and it can help to keep your weight down. You’ll feel your muscles relax and improve.

I am convinced it helped and planning another massage in the near future. It also offers up some great mental benefits. I feel more peaceful and more connected. My sense of well being has improved. Next time, I’ll know I’m doing something good for me. I want to fight that fat.