Squeeze Your Stress Away With A Secret Gadget

by Gretchen Naas .


1248823427Would you believe it is possible to work out and get rid of stress at the same time? What if it is easy and doesn’t require total concentration? How about if you could achieve results without breaking a sweat?

Are you wondering what kind of secret gadget can do all of this? Is it some kind of magic device? Not really. It is actually a stress ball.

A stress ball is a small, palm sized ball made of rubber and filled with seeds or beans. All you do is take your stress ball out of the box, squeeze and build strength, exercise and rid yourself of stress in one easy step.

When the ball is squeezed, the muscles in your hand contract both in the hand and all the way up the arm. You want to hold the squeezing motion for a moment before releasing the pressure. As your arm and hand muscles relax, the tension there leaves, making you feel noticeably less stressed.

Besides becoming more relaxed, you also improve your hand strength. You even improve dexterity. You will see how much more efficiently you grab things in everyday situations. You will see that you will type more easily on your computer at work each day. You get all of these benefits just from squeezing a stress ball.

Buy a few stress balls and take one with you in your bag or briefcase. Leave a ball on your desk at work. Whenever you feel the need, such as while talking on the phone or thinking up ideas for a new work project, just squeeze the ball. You will fit in a quick workout and you will enjoy the benefits of reducing stress on the job or at home.

Try using two at a time to get the maximum results from these stress reducing strength increasing balls. Remember, you can bring your stress balls anywhere. Take them with you when you travel. Stress balls are really great to use when feeling nervous on a plane, and they help keep your muscles in great shape even when you are away from the gym or away from home.