Stress Is Directly Linked To Our Ability To Feel Empathy For Others As Revealed In A New Study

by Gretchen Naas .

Stressed woman in office

Stressed woman in officeWe always tend to show no sympathy to others when we ourselves are under stress according to a new study. This is why we should be concerned d when someone is really in pain and we see another person ignoring him. In such a situation , it should be our duty not to just look at him in an unfriendly way but show him how he should meditate.

A study where mice and men were administered a drug which results in the blocking of stress hormones by researchers has revealed that when stress levels are controlled we tend to be more concerned about people we come across and show more appreciation towards them. This amazing discovery was published in the journal “Current Biology”.

According to the study which revolves round the aspect known as ” emotional contagion of pain” reveals that both men and mice show rapport with friends (or in the case of a mouse, other mice in his own cage}. The reason we do not show appreciation towards strangers we meet once in a way is not due to any idea that we don’t have any thing in common with them or just couldn’t have a feeling towards them . The reality as revealed in the study is that when we are around people whom we do not usually meet, we are under more stress is really an amazing discovery.

It suggests that we are less appreciative when under more stress.

The result was quite different when the mice were administered with metyrapone and-
viola- by the researchers to block stress hormone . In this instance the mice were
hugging those in pain in a sudden reaction instead of trying to eat each others heads as they would normally do when meet unknown of their kind.

Undergraduate college students who participated in the same experiment where the
stress blocker was used were placed in pairs , and one was made to look on while his
partner put his hand into freezing cold ice water. Their facial and bodily movements showed anguish when they witnessed their partners pain. This was really quite different and extraordinary when compared to their natural reactions.

This gives us a real lesson as to how we should react when we are confronted with
in someone else’s emotional state and understand his or her flight or in helping him or her in such a situation. It would reflect our action or inaction in such a case.
The studies referred to above would certainly welcome news . Perhaps if we could
readily purchase the stress hormone blockers or else rely on learning meditation ,the world will really be a more sympathetic place to live in.